International Trade Advice to Help Grow Your Business Globally

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Doing business across borders requires gaining knowledge and expertise on a wide range of international trading fundamentals and issues. Our information on procedures, finance, business and cultural topics as well as import and export-specific issues support your company in meeting the global growth challenge.


Building a global business means you may encounter procedures and language that are new to you. Understanding the processes and terminology involved can help you enter markets, conduct ongoing business and build a long-term foundation for successful international commerce.

Negotiating distribution rights, certifying product standards, samples, be aware of free trade agreements are just a few examples of procedures to take care of.


Obtaining financial resources is critical to any business venture. Doing business in a global environment requires knowledge around gaining financing, building documented financial plans and understanding the ways in which your dollars work in foreign markets.

Finding finance sources, understanding Letters of Credit, exchange rates and negotiating terms and conditions are essential when going global.


Conducting business across borders often requires that you know about the cultural customs of the markets in which you’ll negotiate. Social and business etiquette, cultural awareness, language barriers and societal norms all play a part in your ability to successfully integrate your business into new markets.

Creating joint ventures with local firms, acquiring local connections, minimize language and cultural differences, be aware of fair trade concepts are just a few points to consider before going to a target market.


Keeping up with the trends in importing and exporting can help ensure that you stay ahead of the curve – and your competition. Knowing about shifts in the regulatory environments in which you operate and keeping abreast of those changes is key to circumventing costly delays and ensuring the smooth, ongoing operation of your business.

Take advantage of trade fairs, learning international trade concepts, such as, drawback and having an effective logistics are also essential to be successful overseas.